My New Knee-High Converse!

9:01 PM

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late blog post! 

Yesterday I received my knee-high Converse in the mail! They are purple Converse XX-Hi sneakers. 

They are a fantastic and gorgeous color, and I am so happy with them! 

I was originally going to get black, but I decided to get these vibrant raspberry-purple ones instead, and I'm glad I did!

Can't wait to style new outfits with these!

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  1. I love the sneakers! not usually a fan of converse but this one is exceptional. I read that you love crazy clothes-I DO TOO! visit my blog xx
    check out my latest post "Sneak Peek:All The Way To The Halcyon Days" which is also featured on photovogue's picture of the day!x

  2. Ive always wanted a pair of these but been to scared to wear them and with what, good on you girl!!

    Pipp xx

  3. Wow, they look pretty interesting. Didn't see those hiiigh Converse before!

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of love, Maho

  4. Hey, how you finding them? they look awesome! Looking to chat to fans of quirky footwear for a project I'm working on, if you're interested in getting involved you can find out more here: Thanks!


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