Accessories I Absolutely Adore--Ebay List

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Instead of doing another outfit of the day blog post (don't worry, the pictures from the LA trip are still coming!), I thought I'd switch it up a bit and write about some things that I have been eyeing for a while, just to give my opinion on all these accessories, most of which have been popular for a while! All of these things were found on ebay without much effort--they should be easy to search up.

1)  I don't think it would be lying to say that I worship Jeffrey Campbell Litas. They are the ultimate accessory, and they definitely complete any look. The Litas that I have been pining after for a long time now are these ones in black with spikes. Truth is, you CAN find shoes that look exactly the same online or even in the mall, but personally I'd save up for the JCs (approx $120), as I have tried a couple JCs (sadly I own none), and NOTHING beats them in comfort and support-the huge heel almost disappears. Almost.

2) SPLIT LEG LEGGINGS have been on my wishlist for a long time now, and I love the crazy, funky feel they bring to outfits. This American flag pair is a pretty generic design--you can find leggings like these almost anywhere. I would recommend pairing it with a very light top with very few graphics (or even a black tee with minimal graphics).

3) I find creepers to be absolutely darling, and I think it's a shame that they're not more popular here where I live (California!). Obviously, they're more of a European fad, but I just think they are the coolest things! They're definitely edgy and cool in a very subdued way... not sure how else to describe them!

4) Tattoo tights (cat tights). I know these have been all over the internet lately--and I still love them! They're so cute and girly, yet I feel that if paired with the right outfit they could be just my style. Also, they're legwear, which I LOVE because I feel as though fashion in California focuses mostly on shorts and crop tops (and maximum amounts of bare skin). Being someone who doesn't necessarily go for that, I think tights are sassy and classy and make a statement.

5) This brings me into my next love: THIGH HIGH STOCKINGS. I know these are notoriously associated with lingerie (especially the lace top ones)--but I disagree. Thigh highs are very dressy and classy, and in my opinion much more classy than bare legs.  Who cares if it has lace on it? I think it just adds to the classy look.

6) Finally, I've recently been fascinated with spiked headbands. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I haven't heard or seen much of them before, even on the internet. I think these are the perfect touch of edgy without overdoing it, and they're so unique and cool!

Here ends my blogpost! I hope you enjoyed! Also, I modified the font so it's not so hard on the eyes... Until next time!

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