Minimalist Theme--New Life

9:04 PM

I've already written a post for today, but if you check the blog you'll notice that there are quite a few changes. For one: the theme. I think I'm over the pink and skulls for now, and I don't know why but lately I've been very satisfied with very minimal themes. 

So, let me know what you think. I think I'll keep the theme like this for a while. 

Also you may have noticed the purple text is gone. I'm just going to write in black now, as it matches the theme better. 

This isn't to say that my blog/style is changing. I feel like my style has evolved, yes, but in a way the minimal theme allows for even crazier colors, pictures, and emotions. 

This is also why I've added the music player back to my blog. I want my blog to be a sort of writing escape for me, and for now, the music will stay. Feel free to turn it off at any time. 

Another update: I remade an instagram, @thealternativemuffin. I'm not expecting lots of followers or even any. I'm just going to post a few pictures for myself from time to time, keeping with the faded minimal pastel theme on there as well.

I'm just so tired. I feel exhausted all the time. It's nothing bad, I'm just feeling a change. I still have a lot of excitement for blogging and fashion, but I feel like I've matured within the course of a month. 

Welcome to the new beginning for Convoluted Dreams.

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  1. i must say i love the minimalistic theme of the blog!
    i try to keep mine girly yet simple.
    (thanks for stopping by. for some reason, i can't reply to your comment. my replies keep getting bounced out! must be a glitch..)


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