Birthday Wishlist!

2:44 PM

Hello! It's been a while since I've last made a "style picks" blogpost. So, here goes! 
(I promise a new outfit post is scheduled for tomorrow, I just thought this should go before it)
In honor of my birthday on Monday (nothing really to honor, haha), I thought I would make an updated "Amazon Wishlist" post. Personally, I love looking at other people's wish lists because they give me cool ideas!

My wishlist is:

Here is a little collage of things I've been looking for. (: I'm probably not going to get most (if any) of them, but they sure are pretty!

I've been deciding whether or not I should spend my saved up money on UNIF Salem boots. They definitely are my favorite shoes at the moment, and I've been looking at them FOREVER. The hefty $200 price tag is just what has been stopping me. I also like the UNIF Hellbounds, but they're even pricier (usually around $250)!!

Apart from UNIF shoes, I think I might buy myself a new set of makeup brushes (looking at the ones from Pueen on Amazon for $20). 

I also recently have had an obsession for velvet. Look at these turquoise velvet leggings--aren't they beautiful?

What fashion picks are you guys currently lusting over?

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  1. I've been lusting over Lime Crime products too, especially the lipstick because the hologram unicorn packaging is sooo cute.


    1. Btw, happy birthday! Many happy returns. Have a blast :)

    2. Lime Crime packaging is the best!! And thank you so much, Mitch! (:

  2. I've heard a lot about Lime Crime lately, and so want to try their products!

    I have an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY on my blog, hope you will enter..

  3. Great birthday wishlist! I love Lime Crime products as well. They're one of my makeup must-haves at the moment. <3


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