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Hello friends,

A few weeks ago I was sent the Valentia Even Glow Vitamin C serum to test and review, courtesy of Valentia and Brandbacker. 

I'm finally writing this review, which is quite frankly overdue, but I've been very busy the last two weeks because of the start of school (which I will probably get into in another post).

But now for the review! 

I was excited to try the serum because Vitamin C serums are definitely receiving lots of attention and love in the beauty world, recently. I have lots of hyperpigmentation and scarring from acne (I had a really bad acne problem less than a year ago, which I finally managed to clear up over the summer! I'm probably going to write a post on this sometime soon), and I've been trying different ways to clear it up. 

The entire summer, I've been using Pond's Clarant B3 cream to correct my dark spots and even out my tone, which I've noticed to be working very subtly. However, I still had lots of hyperpigmentation to fade.

When the Valentia Even Glow serum came, I was impressed by its glass bottle and high-end  packaging. With metallic gold sides, the packaging definitely looked and felt great.

The Vitamin C serum claims to even skin tone, boost collagen production, and reduce wrinkles.

It comes out a pale yellow color, and smells very citrus-y, of oranges. It is liquid and quite easy to spread. It does feel a little sticky immediately after applying, sort of like how orange juice feels on your face. After a little while, it soaks in quite nicely.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, I have seen a dramatic difference in the evening of my skin tone, and fading of my dark spots. Granted, I have been using this with my Ponds dark spot cream, along with a small sample of Exuviance's OptiLight Essential 6 Serum to help fade my hyperpigmentation, but the combination has definitely been working. Both the Ponds and Exuviance are a little drying, so I know that the Valentia serum has been at work because my skin has been very supple and moisturized!

I can't speak for the anti-aging factor it claims to have, since I don't have any wrinkles, but I hope it'll help in the long run. 

I'm not a big fan of the price: I think it ranges from $30-40 on Amazon, which is a little out of my budget for skin care products, but I think you pay for the quality (and the packaging). Most Vitamin C serums I've seen seem to be similarly priced (hopefully this will change).

Overall, I love that this product is made of natural ingredients, so I can feel a little less guilty when it comes to putting chemicals on my skin. 

Find it on Amazon:

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