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I'll admit something. I can't do hair. I can cut and color (I cut and dye my own hair), but outside of that, I'm pretty useless when it comes to my hair. I also am awful at hair care, haha. I don't really use any hair care products, nor do I take good care of my hair, so it's always in a frizzy, slit-ended mess.

So when I received this beautiful Kiss InstaWave curler, I had to call upon the help of my younger sister. Unlike me, she curls her beautiful, long straight hair all the time.

We actually tried this out the day of her winter formal party, and let me tell you, there IS a learning curve with this curling iron. We tried quite a few times to work the iron with the manual, but for some reason we couldn't figure it out. We then consulted the ever-trusty Youtube, and were finally able to manage to curl her entire head (though we had to recheck the video because it wasn't easy to remember how to do it).

This curler is automatic, and it basically works but spinning your hair around the barrel. This produces quite a tight, ribbon-like uniform curl that looks different from what you'd achieve with a curling wand. Personally, I'm not too much of a fan of ribbon curls (they seem very vintage, no?), but you can separate the curls out if you prefer a more "wavy" look. Overall, Justine's curls lasted all night without any hairspray or extra product in her hair. I will post pictures as soon as I get them!

The InstaWave retails on Amazon for $60, so it would be perfect as a gift. It is a really well-built curler, but I'd say it's probably a better idea for a beauty junkie than a hair-styling newbie.

You can find the curler at:

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review from the company. All opinions are my own.

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