One Direction Makeup Kits

8:09 PM

Hey guys! Today I wanted to review a set of makeup play kits I received from the One Direction makeup brand. There are three gift sets, sold separately: UV lip gloss, colored mascara, and nail polish. Each gift set has One Direction makeup-themed packaging, and each set contains 3 different colors of the product. 

Out of all three of them, I was most excited to try the colored mascara kit, since I've never owned colored mascara before. It definitely worked and was visible enough after building up some color. It felt like normal mascara, and it pretty much met my expectations. I think this would be a really cool thing to play with in the future for more "edgy" looks. 

The nail polish kit worked fine as well, though I can't say I'm a nail polish connoisseur. I'm most excited for the little glitter bottles they come with: even though it says it's not for face use it's pretty much cosmetic glitter (I'll be careful)!

I'm not really a fan of the UV lip gloss because the colors look a little strange, at least for me, and I feel like the glitter in the lip glosses is not only a little garish but also really scratchy and uncomfortable.

Overall, I think these sets would be a great idea for a pre-teen One Direction fan. They aren't high-quality makeup, but they're definitely fun to play around with.

You can check out these kits and more at:

These sets retail at Macy's for $16.50.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are mine. Products sent for honest review by Makeup by OneDirection.

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