Limited Edition One Direction Makeup Collection

10:26 PM

Hey guys! Back from the blogging hiatus and I'm here with another review… of One Direction makeup?

So this makeup tin is part of their Limited Edition collection for the holidays, and each tin features a different member of One Direction. Here I have Zayn…

Each kit comes with the same makeup--
-3 frost and 3 matte w/ glitter eyeshadows
-one black eyeliner
-one glitter lip gloss
-two mini nail polish
-2 melted "lipsticks"
-2 lip glosses
and some applicators

The different tins have different inside packaging color scheme, but the same products. As you can see below, Zayn and Liam (is that his name?), have different color packaging.

As for the actual makeup:
The frost/metallic eyeshadow colors apply the best. They're actually quite nice and buttery and blend away fine. To get the true color I'd recommend packing it on.

As for the "matte with glitter" shades, they came off a little streaky. I think you could still work them as a crease color, however, for a bit of a smoky eye look.

The pink lipstick/lipgloss is VERY pigmented on the lips. Too bad I'm not one for pinks, haha. The other colors are quite sheer, as you can see from swatches below. Do ignore the random black streak of eyeshadow.

The glitter lip top coat is quite a cool idea--but it's essentially just glitter lip gloss. The eye crayon was a little too soft and smudgy.

All in all, for a fan, the set makes for a really nice keepsake box. Like I've said in previous One Direction makeup reviews-- the makeup isn't the highest quality, but it's sure to please a One Direction-super fan. The collectible tins ARE quite nice.

You can purchase the sets at Macy's.

Disclaimer: These sets were sent to me for an honest review.

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