♡ Favorite Fall Drugstore Lipsticks! (with swatches) ♡

4:37 PM

Yay, lipsticks! I'm so glad it's almost fall! Three more days--but I think I've been pretending it was fall ever since school started for me... 5 weeks ago. 

I'm already gearing up for Halloween and I'm so so excited. Does anyone else really love shopping for Halloween decor, and then leaving it up in their room all year round? I'm definitely guilty of that... I want to raid every dollar store in search of Halloween things!

 I've been so busy lately! School has officially picked up a regular routine, and I'm already getting to "mid-term" week. It's a bit difficult to keep up with the regular blog posts, but I am still planning them. I just need some time to take pictures for each post.

Fall color trends are always my favorite, especially dark brown-y nudes and vampy lips. Here are my nine favorite fall lipsticks from different brands at the drugstore, with labeled swatches!

If you're a fan of vampy lips, I definitely recommend trying Wet n' Wild Ravin' Raisin. It's a really unique plum color that pulls more purple than usual lipsticks--without any pink.

I just recently acquired Milani's Color Statement lipstick in Black Cherry, and I'm so in love. The Milani lipsticks are my absolute favorite out of all drugstore lipsticks, so I'm surprised I haven't tried Milani Black Cherry earlier. It's a nice, deep color that pulls a little more red on me than burgundy or wine. Wet n' Wild's Cherry Bomb is also a really nice red color that's very similar to Black Cherry, it's just thicker in texture.

All in all, I'm excited for the fall season and all the new fall makeup that comes with it! I'll be hitting the drugstore pretty regularly, so be sure to check back to see what I find.

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  1. Love the Milani shades, especially black cherry :) xx

  2. HALLOWEEN! WOOOO! For me, Halloween is every day and Fall is every makeup day! Hahaha, I love wearing dark lippies even if it isn't Fall! That's just my personal preference! Love Milani's Black Cherry, it's gorgeous! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  3. Hübsche Farben :)

    Schau doch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei.

    Vielleicht willst du mir ja Feedback dalassen?
    Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch.
    Grüße, Katja


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