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Welcome to The Alternative Muffin, a blog for alternative punk rock fashion and beauty! My name is Momo, but you can call me Monsterkitty.

Here you'll find a wardrobe that might be a little crazy, a little rocker, but 100% fun and genuinely me. I have a crazy imagination, and that'll definitely show in this blog!

Can't wait to get to know you all!


P.S. I'm a little strange.

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  1. That's me, MuShii !

    Humm... do you have bloglovin' ? (or Hellocotton, shesaidbeauty...) Since Google reader is going to disappear I don't follow on it anymore.

    [Answer on my blog so I can see your answer ^^]

  2. I just made one, thank you for letting me know! You're the best! ^^ I love your blog!


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