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Hi guys! So this week I was very fortunate to be able to review the beautiful brushes from Moonriver Beauty, a brush seller on Amazon. 
I have the flat top kabuki, small contour, and tapered highlighter brush. All three are sold separately as single brushes, but Moonriver Beauty does carry some brush sets on both their Amazon and their website.

Each of the brushes arrive in an individual, reusable ziploc storage bag with a cute little Moonriver logo printed on it. As someone who has tried a lot of different brushes in the past, I was delighted by the Moonriver packaging. It's absolutely adorable! I'm happy to see that they put such emphasis on creating a product that looks presentable, even in the packaging.

Flat top kabuki brush: This is your standard flat top kabuki brush. It has a silver ferrule, with a black varnish handle and the Moonriver logo printed on it. It's quite dense and it worked perfectly for my liquid and powder foundations. Granted, it's not the densest flat top kabuki out there, but it's very soft and it worked great for its purpose. This retails on Amazon for $7.95. http://www.amazon.com/Moonriver-Beauty-Flat-Top-Kabuki/dp/B00NN85ZQA/ref=sr_1_9?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1426309891&sr=1-9

The small contour brush and tapered highlighter brush look very similar. The small contour brush is a bit bigger, and also a bit more rounded, while the tapered highlighter brush is more tapered at the end. It isn't the most tapered/pointed highlighter brush I've seen (think Sigma's tapered face brushes), but I think it does a great job applying highlighter, as well as setting the undereye area, which is what I use it for. I also tried it for contouring, and it gave a beautiful, very precise contour line. This retails on Amazon for $6.95. http://www.amazon.com/Moonriver-Beauty-Tapered-Highlighter/dp/B00NN85Q78/ref=sr_1_4?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1426310001&sr=1-4

The small contour brush also gives a great contour, and is just big enough to fit right into the hollows of the cheek. It's also dense and fluffy enough to blend out the contour line to create a more natural, diffused contour. 

The flat top kabuki brush is made out of synthetic hair, but both the small contour brush and tapered highlighter brush are made out of goat hair (which to be honest, makes me a little nervous because I know that animal hair brushes can have a tendency to hold on to bacteria and thus start to smell bad after prolonged use--I'll keep you updated). All three brushes are incredibly soft, and well-built. None of my brushes have any defects, and the brushes are all glued on firmly at the ferrule.

Apart from brushes, Moonriver Beauty also carries their own brush cases (pictured above) and other beauty tools. Their tweezers are one of the most popular products, and I can say that they work amazing and pull out hair very fast (and I'm an experienced eyebrow plucker, haha)!

On their Amazon page, I noticed that they also carry their own line of flat iron hair straighteners, which I'm actually very curious about. 

All in all, I was very, very impressed by Moonriver Beauty (and now, I'm maybe a little bit obsessed). The design of their brushes was not cheap quality, and they definitely took time into their packaging. I could see the brand expanding in a couple of years and becoming something like what Sigma or Sedona Lace are now. 

You can purchase Moonriver Beauty brushes at http://moonriverbeauty.com or their Amazon page.

Note: Brushes and other items provided for honest review. 

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before but the flat top kabuki looks so soft! I'm also loving the pink brush case -- it's so pretty! Thanks for sharing this with us! I've been on a hunt for more affordable makeup brushes to use :)


  2. Gorgeous beauty brushes ♥ I´m following you and I would be so happy if you could do the same :) Have a lovely day! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous brushes! They look amazing and so soft! Btw, I nominated you for a Versatile Bloggers Award in my blog! I hope you're able to do it <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  4. Great brushes. I like storage bag.
    I follow you now my dear. I would like to follow me back.

  5. Yes, I follow you via gfc #94, follow back?


  6. I love how they come with a pamphlet letting you know the purpose of each brush ~

    Love always,

  7. Nice post. Love it.
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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  8. Lovely brushes! and the package is so cute!
    Kisses from Spain

  9. I really like the way these brushes look! I had never heard of the brand before, great post! :D


  10. Amazing set of brushes <3 love your style, start to following your blog :)

  11. thank u for sharing dear!:)

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