♥ 3 Fall Favorites ♥

9:17 PM

Hey guys!
Long time no post (again), but today I wanted to do a quick Fall Favorites blog post!

I always know it's fall when I start seeing Halloween decorations in my neighborhood, hahaha. Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays because I love dressing up! And I definitely love a good scare.

Talking about Halloween... I've been struggling to put together my costume for this year! I'm going as Brendon Urie in the Ballad of Mona Lisa video. It's a pretty simple concept: taking an old suit and splatter-painting it and adding embellishments and tada! A steampunk outfit. The only problem is that I have to find a suit to decorate! I've tried my local Goodwill, but nothing very good caught my eye.
Hopefully I'll find something soon ahh the days are ticking down!

Anyway, on with the blog post!
♥ So my first favorite has to do with one of my favorite fall scents... cinnamon! I think cinnamon just smells so warm and sweet--things that I usually relate to fall. And no, this isn't a candle or air freshener, this is actually chewing gum:

I know a lot of people hate cinnamon gum, but I personally think it's the best flavor as it's so strong and potent! And, on the plus side it makes my whole entire room smell like cinnamon. I'm not even kidding: I stuck one pack in my drawer and now my whole desk smells like it.
So if you love the test of cinnamon, I DEFINITELY recommend this.

♥ Second favorite is lipstick with red or orange-ish tones! Unfortunately, I have no pictures or suggestions to show you at the moment, but I definitely love orangey lipstick. It reminds me of pumpkins! 

♥Third favorite is my ultimate favorite (I worship them)... THIGH HIGH SOCKS.

I got mine (actually my best friend Kaitlin bought them for me) at Forever 21! They're usually about $6-7. Granted, these are probably not the best option for keeping warm if you wear them to be seen (AKA with shorts or a skirt), but where I live, our weather is pretty neutral all year round so these are perfect!

So that's basically all I had to say! I hope you enjoyed this, and see you in the next blog post!

Also, let me know what reminds YOU of fall!

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  1. I really need to buy thigh high socks because they are adorable and keep you warm !


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