Green Hair Blues

8:48 PM

Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of having green hair.
By green hair I don't mean a neon, highlighter color (God, no). Nor do I mean your typical light green. I mean a foresty, blue-toned green hair. The color of tree leaves.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been obsessed with fantasy stories, and this continues to affect/influence me to this day.

So why green? First of all, I think it's such a gorgeous color. It's also uncommon--how many people do you know that walk around with long green hair everyday? It reminds me a bit of mermaids and elves, which I love.

The sad reason why I haven't dyed my hair green this instant is mainly because green hair dye is so hard to find. If I wanted to get my hair the shade of green above, I'd probably have to try Special Effects Sonic Green or Punky Colour Alpine Green (not Manic Panic though... that stuff fades with 1-4 washes).  Both of those dyes would have to be ordered online--no store around me carries it. Along with that, it would be freaking expensive--around $12 for the Special Effects and around $9 for Punky Colour.

Even if I did get the bleach and the right color hairdye for it, I'd have to constantly maintain it--which would mean LOTS of money. Even if the color lasted a little longer than Splat or Manic Panic, it wouldn't be able to hold up more than a month or so (even with washing it only once a week).

So sadly, I don't think I'll be dying my hair anytime soon (keeping it black and red at the moment), as I am a student and maintaining hair color is difficult (even my red bangs take work!).

I can dream though, right?

Let me know what you guys think!

A Hair Color like this:

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  1. I think that green hair is cool !

    But maintaing the colour takes time, like you said. I dyed some parts of my hair purple, but even after one week it wasn't as good as before... even if it's a permanent dye.

  2. I love the green and the blue hair color!
    leda has great hair in this photo :)


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