Society: moodboard 12/8/13

2:58 PM

Your perceptions of beauty have nothing to do with society. Stop blaming society for your own self-hatred. If anything, I think responsibility is incorrectly forced on society to make YOU feel better.

Different people have different ideas of beauty. 
Everytime I open Tumblr, there it is, another picture of a person's impossibly tiny bambi legs and that thing we call a "thigh gap." Society isn't forcing you to like or reblog anything, YOU reblog it because YOU like it.

Everyday at lunch my friends complain to me that they're "too fat." And yet, at the same time I've been told to "eat a steak" and "gain weight" almost my entire life. Isn't that societal pressure? I've never told any of my friends to "gain/lose weight," and they don't need to. I've never heard anyone tell them to "gain/lose weight," either. I eat like a normal, healthy person. I got my body from genetics, just like the rest of you.

Beauty has nothing to do with societal values. Different people have different body types, as well as different things they're attracted to. If you're attracted to skinny people, then that's what you're attracted to. Same goes for attraction to more sturdily-built types or any other body types. Just stop blaming society for what YOU find attractive. And let people do what they want with their bodies, if they're proud of it. 

I'm not going to say "everyone is beautiful," because I find it cliché to the point where it no longer means anything to me, just a dull, empty set of words. I believe that not everyone is physically beautiful because we all have different faces and features, and beauty/attraction is subjective. What one person sees as "physically beautiful" may not be the same for others. Instead, I like to say that everyone has the potential to live life to the fullest and find beauty in themselves and the people around them, whether physical or not. 


Hey everyone! Back again with another inspiration/mood board for you all, again created with Polyvore. This one is even more abstract the previous one, I think, but I hope you can garner some artistic inspiration from it. Let me know what you think.

Stay openminded.

I can't see anything

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  1. everything you stated here is true. the society the media can say everything anytime anyday but its still us at the end of the day who has the last say of all the things concerning us. thanks for following me. followed you back!

    1. Thanks, Ellie! Looking back at my post, I think I may have been a little harsh in my wording haha. But it's exactly like you said--we can choose to obsess about image, but is there really a perfect, ideal paragon of beauty? I feel like we're all individual in our likes and preferences, and thus we can't really define beauty/perfection with any particular person in mind! We're all human--we all have flaws.
      Thanks for your comment! (:

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