10:07 PM

It's been over three weeks since I last posted. I have returned from Africa, and though I am sad the trip is over, I'm still glad to be back! Here's a picture I took during my travels through the Serengeti! 

Though I'm back from Africa, I'm actually at a long summer journalism program, which is why I haven't posted earlier. Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring my tripod, so I can't take any outfit photos at the moment. Hopefully I'll figure something out soon. 

In other news, I went to Crossroads today to do a little thrifting. I didn't find too much, but there was something that I really liked that I'm indecisive about (price issues… I'm trying to limit my spending), so I put it on hold. I think I'll return tomorrow to decide whether I want it or not! 

I really don't have any other pictures to share, so here's a silly Photo Booth selfie of me in my dorm room. Enjoy the PJ's, I'm getting ready for bed! If I end up buying something tomorrow, I'll try my best to do a new outfit post! x

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  1. you should post more pictures of africa


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