New One Direction Makeup Line Review

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I'm no One Direction fan. Yeah, I know "What Makes You Beautiful." Yeah, I'll admit that there was a time when I listened to that song (before anyone knew what One Direction was, I swear). 

So, I wasn't terribly excited by this Limited Edition One Direction Makeup Collection. But, hey, I like makeup, and I have no shame when it comes to wearing makeup. My favorite makeup brands are the cheapest ones, so wearing One Direction makeup doesn't make any difference to me. Makeup is makeup.

The 1D Limited Edition collection tin is by Markwins International, and they nicely sent me their product for a review. Sadly, they gave me (in my opinion), the worst color option out of the three sets you can receive (see pictures believe). My set which is called "UP ALL NIGHT," consists of a vivid blue and Barbie pink color scheme, reminiscent of five-year-old toy makeup from the dollar store.

The collectible tin is beautifully made, and the plastic sleeve is aesthetically pleasing. However, the makeup itself looks a little cheesy. I found the packaging on the mascara and the lipstick to be quite cheap and lightweight plastic, something that you wouldn't find with even most drugstore makeup. 

Eyeshadow palette: The mini eyeshadow palette is probably my favorite out of the entire set. Though I usually cringe at the sight of blue eyeshadow, the colors are sheer enough that it's not too over-the-top. I think I could work with it. The two matte colors "More than This" and "Gotta Be You" are the least pigmented of the palette. It even came with a mini brush and sponge applicator, and the brush isn't half bad. I challenged myself to use only the brush it came with, and I managed just fine.

Lipstick: I tried the lipstick over a layer of lip balm. It's not too creamy or too dry, but it isn't very pigmented. I had to apply a couple layers before I got the true color, which is horrendous. It's a blue-based pink, and it looks terrible with my skin tone. Cheers to the few that would actually try to pull this color off.

Lip gloss: The lipgloss color is a bright, bright, pink, but since it is more of a red-toned pink it didn't clash with my skin nearly as much as the lipstick (I mean, it still looks terrible). The lip gloss claims to glow under UV light or something, which I'm not quite sure what that means. The lipgloss also has a glitter-consistency, and you can really tell when applying it because it comes on a little scratchy and slightly uncomfortable on the lips. 

Body Crayon/Liner: As you can see in the pictures below, the liner is prone to smudging. The color is less of a dark blue than a very dark teal. I found the jumbo size to be really awkward to use. 

Mascara: The mascara in "Little Black Dress" has a typical bristle mascara wand, and it actually is very long compared to some of the mascaras I've used, which I found I preferred. The formula is a normal matte black color, and it is quite wet compared to mascaras I've used in the past. Mind you, I'm not a mascara fan at all. My eyelashes aren't long, so I like using falsies--just slip on and go. The worst thing about mascara, in my opinion, is that it's so frustrating to clean up. Because the mascara has such a wet formula, it got on my eyelids every time I applied it. Despite this, I found that I rather liked the wet formula because it didn't leave clumps on my eyelashes or make my eyelashes feel heavier than needed in the typical mascara fashion. I think I would definitely use this again, if the rare occasion ever occurs where I'd want to wear mascara.

Body Art stencils: I really don't know what to say with this, and much less what to do with this. I guess I could use it for face painting, if I ever needed to. And, can someone explain to me what the stencil with the arrows is supposed to represent?!

Nail Polish: I have pretty much the same color and nail polish from Confetti, a brand that used to be carried in CVS. It cost me $1. I don't know what else to say. It's a pretty basic nail polish.

Overall, I'd say that One Direction's makeup line is better left for ages 13 and under. I'd expect to see it in stores like Walmart and Target, not stores that are makeup-geared. The makeup is quite cheap, and it does remind me of something a 10-year-old would play with. Other than that, I think the case it comes in is really nice, and the eyeshadow and mascara could work. I'd pay no more than $20-$25 for this, and I only would buy it if I had a younger One Direction-obsessed sibling. Also, I'd definitely get a different color scheme (No more blues and pinks for me. Ever.). I don't think the product has been officially released yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Disclaimer: The One Direction Makeup Collection was sent to me by Markwins in conjunction with Brandbacker. All opinions are mine. 

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  1. I'm getting one of these to review soon too! I'm not a huge 1D fan but I can see this being a hit with younger girls!

    Would love if you check out my blog. Just followed you on twitter ! :)
    Raincouver Beauty


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