Spooky Eyes Cobra Eye Lens Review

7:37 PM

Hi lovelies! Today I will be reviewing the Cobra Eye Contact Lenses from SpookyEyes.com. Spooky Eyes offered to send me a pair of contacts for review, so I chose these!

I love cats, so I thought it would be fitting for me to finally get a pair of cat-eye type contact lenses. These ones are labeled "Cobra Eye," but they're that classic "cat-eye" shape. 

The design of the lens is very spooky and fun, and it's basically all I would have asked for. It's definitely very bold and noticeable, and the green is quite fluorescent. That being said, I sadly can't wear these out because they do not come in prescription (I have terrible eyesight!). If I wanted to wear these out, I would have to wear them with a pair of glasses, so this is a warning for those who have a similar situation.

As for comfort, they were quite uncomfortable when I first put them in. I've been a contact lens wearer for almost 7 years now, so I've tried lots of different contacts. I found these lenses to be surprisingly thick and a little hard to put in at first. Also, weirdly enough, I found that one side of each contact lens was a little thicker than the other when I was touching it. One side would be stiffer, and the other side of the contact would flop/bend. It was very weird. When it was in my eye, however, I didn't notice it. 

To see through these contacts, your iris goes between the slit of the cat/cobra-eye. Because of that, it's crucial for you to wear these the right way, otherwise your view might be obstructed. The first time I wore these, I found that the sides of my vision were blurry, but the second time I didn't have this problem.

Overall, I'd say this is an effective product. I wish it came in prescription, so I could wear it out for Halloween. These might be a little tough for new contact wearers to get used to, but with a little bit of practice, you'll probably manage. I wouldn't wear these for more than 5-6 hours, just to be safe. I don't think they're meant for a whole day's wear. For costuming or photoshoot purposes, these are great! Spooky Eyes has a range of other Halloween-themed contacts on their website, which you can check out here: http://www.spookyeyes.com.

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  1. These are amazing for Halloween! xx


  2. Omg these look insane, I really want some trippy lenses just to freak people out, lavender ones would be amazing!
    - Grace

    P.S Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog, I just started following you as I love your blog and it would be great if you could follow back!

  3. What a great color dear :D


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