More Instanatural Skin Goodies! Dead Sea Mud Mask, Scar Gel, Rose Water Toner, and Skin-Clearing Serum

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So, it's been raining all day where I live, and I'm enjoying it immensely. I love the rain, and we unfortunately don't get  much of it here.

Moving on, today I wanted to share some recent goodies from InstaNatural that I've been trying out! I know you guys are probably sick of seeing so many InstaNatural products on my blog (they send me products for review), but I honestly really, really like them, and I wouldn't share so many with you guys if I didn't like them!

InstaNatural is a natural-based, affordable skin care brand that I wish I had known about when I was suffering from my moderately-severe acne (which is about a year ago). In a world full of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, I was always searching for inexpensive skin care products that wouldn't completely destroy my skin with harsh chemicals.

The best drugstore brand I came across was the Yes to Tomatoes line, which consist of over 90% natural ingredients, but they were hard to find and didn't have a large enough range of products. I'm so glad that InstaNatural offers a HUGE range of skincare options for different kinds of skin, and most of their products are under $30.

I received their Scar Gel, Dead Sea Mud Mask, Rose Water Toner, and Skin-clearing serum to test.

Scar Gel: This bottle was surprisingly small for InstaNatural. It has a bit of a bitter, herbal smell, and comes out in a yellowish, sticky texture. I have lots of hyperpigmentation and acne scarring from my bad acne a year ago that has lightened significantly, but has not gone away yet. I've been trying this Scar Gel on some of my darkest spots for the past week, and though I don't see a dramatic difference, I have witnessed some minor fading. I think this product would be best used in a longer period of time. I also think that the product is quite small for the whopping $35 it costs on Amazon.

Dead Sea Mud Mask: Now, THIS is a deal. Sixteen ounces of high quality mud, for just under $25? It works amazing, too. I apply this mask once a week to my entire face and jawline area, and it leaves me with very clean, soft-feeling skin. It pulls a lot of impurities from my skin, and I can feel it drawing out my unsurfaced blemishes (that is SO gross, I know, but it works!). This is my first time using a mud mask, and I know when this runs out I'll definitely go to Amazon to repurchase. I apply this with a synthetic foundation brush, and it applies beautifully! The brush makes application very smooth and hygienic and is also easy to clean. The mud is applied in a thin layer, and it will dry to a pastel, mint color. Here is a scary mud mask selfie:

Super attractive, I know.

Rose Water Toner: This is 100% rose water. I honestly don't think you really need InstaNatural rose water to use on your face--you could use any rose water from the organic food store, but it is relatively inexpensive ($14), and comes in a hygienic glass bottle for easy bathroom storage. Rose water itself makes for a really great toner, regardless of where it's from.

Age-defying Skin Clearing Serum: This comes in a quite small, 1 fl oz. dropper bottle. Its texture is very similar to the InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum--it's very liquid-y and water-y in texture, and very easy to spread and soak into the skin. I noticed that this uses salicylic acid, though it's in a pretty small amount. It also includes Tea tree oil, which is my GO-TO acne fighter. This serum is really light, and I'd definitely recommend it for people suffering from acne. I wish I had known about this earlier! This retails for $22 on Amazon.

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  2. Not gonna lie, I laughed a tiny bit...Hahaha, but thanks for the review! I personally love my mud mask from Lush and I look super silly!

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