Influenster Campus VoxBox Unboxing

5:36 PM

Hey guys!
I know, I'm guilty of always disappearing. I've been pretty busy lately, and I'm actually finishing up my last few two weeks of high school (I'm almost there!). After school ends, I'll actually have plenty of time to work on blogging and youtube and whatnot, which is very exciting (the question is, will I ever survive to the end?)

I received this Campus Voxbox from Influenster. I haven't received a Voxbox from Influenster for over a year, so I was excited to try a new one. This voxbox, as you might have guessed, was made for college students, which I thought was nice because I've been hearing so much about college (going to college in the fall) that I might as well be a college student (kidding of course, but not kidding about the senioritis).

There are quite a few things that come in the new Voxbox, and I can see that Influenster has really amped up their game. Two of that stood out to me the most were of course the Sour Punch candies (I'm a sucker for sour candies). Needless to say, those were finished in a disgustingly short amount of time. I've never seen the chewy candies before--they kind of remind me of Spree.

Sweets aside, the Voxbox also came with a packet sample of L'oreal's new Advanced Straight hair line which claims to keep your flat-ironed hair straight for a couple of days. I try not to flat-iron my hair because I want to get it into prime condition for another bleaching (I'm switching hair colors, by the way. Hopefully), so I just will use these as regular shampoos and conditioners. I've never really tried any of L'oreal's hair line, but I honestly don't see much difference when it comes to commercial shampoos and conditioners. I do, however, love hair masks, but that's a different story.

The Voxbox also includes a full-sized Softlips cube which I was quite excited to try. It's pretty much like an EOS lip balm, except in a cuter (but more annoying) cube packaging. I found that it was hard to get the lip balm to close right without accidentally shaving off a little bit of product each time. That being said, it works better than my EOS lip balm, so that's a plus.

I've always used Walmart's Equate version of the Apricot scrub, so I was intrigued by the actual product itself from St. Ives. It's pretty similar to Walmart's but I swear that the exfoliating beads inside are just noticeably smaller. Maybe it's just me. I think I prefer the St. Ives one better, and it's not expensive, either.

Finally, they also included the new Jergens Instant Glow tanning mousse. As someone who is quite fair and prefers to be quite fair, I laughed when I saw this. I think I probably would go with bronzer if I ever wanted to be tan (very unlikely), but I actually tried this out on my friend because it just so happened that I was working on makeup for a show and the characters needed to be sun-beaten Marines. Like any self-tanner, it worked fine and though it was a bit streaky where she didn't blend it properly, it did work and it did last for a few days.

That's pretty much all that was in the Campus Voxbox! Overall, I loved the candies and I'm quite a bit of use out of the St. Ives scrub. The rest were nice additions, too, and knowing the typical college student, I think that Influenster made good choices of what to include in the box.

Thanks for reading! Swear that this week will be the last week of only product reviews and inactivity.

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  1. Oooh! This looks great! I love Sour treats! Good luck for the last few days of school and don't worry! I'm sure you'll survive <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  2. AHH the Sour Punch candies are so good ;A; Great post~ I wish you luck during your last two weeks of high school! ^^
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  3. Wow, so so many products. I wanna taste those candies too.

    Win any top of your choice from Banggood on my blog!


  4. Ooh I've never tried those candies, they look super sour! Looks like a great box, I want to try something like this ^_^

    { }


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