GoPure Youth Glow Eye Gel Review

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Yes, I took another blogging hiatus. A particularly long one, sorry about that. I finally finished school, and I needed a break. I've currently been reading a number of books and also catching up to some Netflix (my newest obsession is Revenge--does anyone else watch it?). 

That being said, I have quite a number of new products to review and share on my blog (part of my break included buying copious amounts of makeup), so be sure to watch out for them!

I've reviewed the InstaNatural eye gel in my blog before, a couple of months back. When I received this one from GoPure, I couldn't help but compare them (InstaNatural is featured in some of the later pictures). 

The Youth Glow Eye Gel from GoPure is made from natural ingredients, as the brand claims all of its products are. It's very similar to the InstaNatural gel in texture--in fact, they seem almost identical to me. When applied, the eye gel has a cooling sensation, and a bit of tackiness. I have yet to see any long-term dramatic results, but I think it does the job of soothing my under eyes and keeping them moisturized (which is very important, no matter what your age is!). I don't really have any fine lines under my eyes, so I cannot attest to that, but I use eye creams and gels more as a preventative measure in my skincare. 

This eye gel currently retails for $12.95 on Amazon Prime, which you can find here. I suspect that it's almost the same, if not exact, product as the InstaNatural eye gel, which currently retails for $19.95 on Amazon Prime, so if you've always wanted to try the InstaNatural eye gel but didn't want to shell out $20 just yet, this might be a good option. Keep in mind, though, that the GoPure eye gel is significantly smaller in terms of quantity (as you can see below). However, it should be able to last you a few months of daily use. 

Disclaimer: Product received for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. i never tried this product..i'm curious to taste it

  2. Oooh, it looks super cool! I've never tried a product like this before!

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  3. never tried this product before. cool post!
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  4. Great post and review, girl. I haven't heard of it before, tho.

  5. Seems like a fairly good eye cream and a great dupe for the more expensive version!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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