Things Learned

12:11 AM

Some things learned from this summer (more or less a reminder to myself that may or may not make sense to the rest of mankind):

-When you slice your palm, it doesn't hurt as much as a normal cut.

-Don't wear your contacts to sleep

-Most people can be nice if you give them a chance.

-People have trouble reading simple signs

-The cosmetic industry wastes a lot of product

-Horror movie jump scares don't scare me

-The difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette (and how to pronounce them)

-Department stores are too nice to their customers

-A sandwich costs about the same as minimum wage

-If you're working, you're not spending money

-Strangers have interesting life stories

-Jealousy fades quickly

-Human affection sways easily

-"if you help me I help you"

-Hearts are as mendable as they are breakable

-Skin is delicate

-I don't believe in coincidences anymore

-People can turn in an instant

-Applying makeup on mature skin isn't as fun.

-"It is what it is"

-Registers can print blank receipt paper

-John Green is actually a really good writer.

-Candy can keep you going through a 7-hour shift

-So can writing prose on the backs of blank receipt paper

-Books are forever the best escape

-The internet can get boring

-I hate pop music. A lot.

-I'm bad at updating my blog.

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  1. The internet is boring, but books are the best. (And yes, John Green is a really good writer)

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  2. These pictures are beautiful and I love these little lessons learned :)

  3. Adore your blog & style!

  4. Don't wear contacts when you sleep is also a note I have to keep for myself haha
    Love your style!

    Shop @vanitygoods


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