Two Favorite Brands

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I'll admit that I pride myself on having a (somewhat) unique style. I mean, it's not everyday that you see someone walking down the streets of Evanston, Illinois with giant creepers and black lipstick. 

I'll also admit that I find it really flattering when people compliment me on my style choices, whether it be my vampy lipstick of the day or just my darker style in general. Like with anything you know you've worked hard on, it's nice to get positive feedback.

My number one favorite clothing brand is (and has been for quite while) UNIF.

UNIF clothing is snarky and bad-ass, the two traits I happen to love when it comes to clothing style. The company definitely has a very sarcastic feel to it, and it especially shows through their product descriptions and the designs on their graphic t-shirts.

I feel like UNIF has two different sides to its clothing design: there's the very new-age hippie vibe, and then there's a witchy and darker vibe. Obviously I definitely go for the darker side. 

UNIF is also ridiculously expensive (sheds ugly tears), but with luck you can often catch their things on sale for a little bit less expensive (still very pricey). I had the fortune of finding my first UNIF piece (Prima Dress in black) at Crossroads for $35. 

Here's a few of the things on UNIF's site that I've been lusting after:

And yes, I know I've blogged about the UNIF Salem boots forever. I'm actually working up the courage (and money) to finally buy them. I think the Salems and the UNIF Wiccan Kimono are probably my two favorite UNIF items… ever.

For my next favorite brand, I happened upon this by chance when I was at Crossroads just browsing. 

No, this isn't a brand new brand, but I had never heard of it until that point. 

House of Widow (Widow) now takes my second favorite brand spot. Widow isn't unknown by any means -- they're a sister brand to the infamous Lip Service Cult, which I also admire. Widow is just a little more witchier while Lip Service Cult has always seemed to me like a mix of futuristic vampire and BDSM.

As a lover of the fantasy genre, Widow's Raven's Shroud Hooded Gown (pictured above) is a dream come true. I love anything to do with cloaks, and I've admired this piece FOR THE LONGEST TIME.

I'm not sure if witchy fashion is still "in," but either way I'm not giving it up. And thanks to UNIF and Widow, I don't have to.

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  1. we must find a way to make that cloak thing

  2. Replies
    1. Actually, no! I was over in Evanston for the summer. :)


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