UNIF Salem Boots Unboxing

1:03 AM

They're here!

I've literally wanted these shoes for the longest time. Flashback to last year's Christmas wish list… hahaha.

Funny story about these shoes: I know I probably should have waited for the Black Friday sales. I was originally going to wait for Black Friday, but then on Sunday night I saw that the UNIF website only had one pair of Salems left. I checked DollsKill and saw that they had a "Low Inventory." I didn't want the Salems to sell out on me again (that has happened quite a few times), so I just used my first-time 15% discount code (when you sign up for their newsletter) to buy them. I mean, any discount is better than nothing. I probably didn't need to worry, seeing as DollsKill still has 3 Salems left in stock after an entire day on sale. Oh well. They're still worth it. I'm over six-feet tall in them!

Look forward to seeing many new outfit posts with these! I have to admit, I've already had them planned in my head, even before I bought them.

Happy Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate). Thanks for all the support I've received on this blog, it's been so exciting! And, good luck Black Friday shopping!

x Morgan

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  1. Oh my gosh!! These are sick! Can u walk in it?? Very editorial shoes!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful // Bloglovin'

    1. Hahaha yes!!! They're actually pretty comfortable for heels! They feel more like platforms than heels.

  2. Wow ! awesome boots ! cool rock style !


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